A-Kind-Of-Review: KAT-TUN’s 2010 Summer concert No More Pain

Hello dears! This post is about idols of a different variety – male idols! Yessir, straight from Johnny & Associates, the pretty boy factory. The group in question is KAT-TUN, whom I have been a fangirl extrodinaire over since their debut in 2006. I really love them. The only downside to male idol fandom is the fans, I guess. There’s a select few who are out to ruin it for others, the jealous types and so on. It seems much more prominent than in female idol fandom. But I don’t care what people say, the boys are equally if not more cracktastic than the girls. JE guys have a bit more freedom, which makes a huge difference. Being more popular in terms of sales meant that they could have guests like Rihanna and Alicia Keys on their shows, but nothing makes me smile more than them being complete dorks in the making-of PVs and stuff.

Anyway, KAT-TUN fans have had a turbulent 2010. Jin left three months after he vowed in a magazine he would “never do such a thing”, their sales took a diving and the fan communities split and fell apart. I stayed out of the whole charade, I knew they would emerge a stronger group. And I was right! I’m not hot on Jin but I hope he does well. His leaving left a bitter taste in the fans’ mouth. I felt like he’d let Kame down, also. They were the two main vocalists, the two guys that held their début Real Face together and were famed for their relationship. When he left, Kame must have felt an immense pressure on his shoulders trying to compensate for the angered Jin fangirls. HOWEVER, MOVING AWAY FROM THE JIN SAGA, they successfully managed to put on their greatest concert yet in my humble opinion. I attempted to cap some shit and failed miserably, so there’s like 4 here. But some videos too!


If anyone who is reading this has watched a KAT-TUN (or JE) concert, then you will know exactly what I mean by “HOLY SHIT THE OUTFITS”.

KAT-TUN have somewhat of a reputation for wearing er, completely over the top and sparkly outfits. And by OTT I mean about eighteen layers, some pearls, perhaps high heeled boots, fedoras and don’t forget wearing scarves around their hips. Those guys must be absolutely dying on stage with heat. It’s no wonder they get so goddamn sweaty. Imagine this:

but with a few more jackets and skirt-type things. Anyway, this concert was no exception.

To promote their NO MORE PAIN album lolnomorepainjinisgone they went to Korea and Taiwan, but I only watched the Osaka Kyocera Dome footage. It was so weird not being in Tokyo Dome! But I honestly thought it was Tokyo Dome until Koki went “OSAAAKAAAAA”. I’ll just say right now I was impressed as fuck with the entire thing. So I’ll only go over my extra-favourites.

One Drop is one of my favourite KAT-TUN songs and I don’t know why I so surprised when it came on! But I was getting down like nobody’s business. My mother was like “EVEN I KNOW THIS SONG”. One of the things I love about them is even though the set and stage is so extravagant, they still look like they’re having tons of fun performing.

However I was most excited to see the MEMBER SOLOS which are always ~*~FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC~*~. I’ll start with Koki’s, lets get the most explicit out the way first:

YES it is called Make U Wet Chapter 2 and YES there is a Chapter 1. Needless to say Chapter 2 is much, much better than Chapter 1 and doesn’t hit my squick points as much. Koki is trying to move his way up my list, first he grows out his hair, and then just becomes all sexy and shit while still retaining that “bad-boy” image. It’s not as imposing as it used to be, it’s slightly more mature and his dancing.. oh god his dancing. I can’t even. In a way I’m JEALOUS more than anything. This is one of these songs that I cannot ever reveal to anyone IRL that I listen to. It’s called Make U Wet jfc. But this performance… well…. I say no more.

There must be something about boybands and fangirls. I think they should be superheroes, a Scott Pilgrim type romp, and everytime one of them looks at the camera or fluffs their hair it’s seriously like I sink back into the couch as if I have been hit with some kind of IDOL LOVE BEAM. IDOLS I LOVE YOU. Moving on..

I think it was Junno’s afterwards, with LOVE MUSIC. I can’t find a good video on YouTube. But with Junno’s solos, you’ve basically got the happiest guy on earth. He always sings with a smile on his face, bouncing about and dancing and flipping the fuck out all over the place. Seriously. Even though his solos on CD don’t get much replay value from me (they’re a bit too sugary – except his newest one GIRLS, what the fuck Junno did you get sexy overnight or something?!), I always take a squee-y joy in watching him sing live. Junno’s such a dork.

I’m sure it was Nakamaru’s next and he did a kind of medley of his songs FILM, Shooting Star, Key of Life and Understandable. Again I can’t find a good rip on YT but this was adorable, if a little safe. But Nakamaru is one of these guys who just always seems to be out of his comfort zone, even when he’s sitting doing nothing haha. There was minimal beat-boxing in this though, which is kinda weird for him. Nonetheless he was still a joy to watch. Bless him. He’s convinced he looks like a parrot.

Then it was Ueda’s! I have a  bit of a soft spot for Uepi. He seems an alternative soul, his solos usually veer on melancholic piano pieces and he always dresses quite eccentrically. He also has a penchant for boxing, so he is physically superior to the others however ~feminine~ he looks. There is a half decent rip of RABBIT OR WOLF? on YT, but the quality isn’t great:

I love this song sfm. It was one of my favourites from NMP ♥ it’s a total bitch to try and sing along to though, I can only do the chorus and even then I’m like missing out every third word. I also give major props to Ueda’s leap of motherfucking faith:

Finally, it was Kame’s turn. Now, Kame is my ichiban and always had been. I love him to pieces. He’s overly-enthusiastic about baseball, has better hair than I do, a voice that reduces the general public to a buttery mess and tells amazing stories about eating octopuses. However he does tend to overshadow the others solo-wise as he gets about 8-1o minutes screentime with elaborate backdrops and outifts. Which is a bit unfair. But that’s the way it’s always been. Anyway, he sang two songs (see!) – SWEET, from the NMP album which I’ve been a bit meh~ on. After 1582 from Break the Records (THIS PERFORMANCE. JUST. THIS PERFORMANCE.) I expected something edgier, daring.

He sang SWEET, in a godawful jacket, for all of about 3 minutes. And even then he made me like it more than on record, ugh. But then SHIT GOT FUCKING REAL. There was like this sequence (performance is here btw, but not that great quality) in which he got taken by ~vampires~ i.e. Kis-My-Ft2 (KISS MY FOOT). It was rather dramatic. Then the classy bitch emerged, looking like something from an Anne Rice novel and he had fangs. I was like “I’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE”, then I realised it was Lost My Way he was performing, a solo he did on Shounen Club ages and ages ago.

Y HALLO THERE MISTER KAMENASHI. Why does he look so good all the time? It’s not fair! Then there was this epic dance sequence, but it was so amazing. It’s hard to describe, it’s like he warped in and out of vampire mode, cause sometimes the lighting would go all like this:

… and he would “try” and sing SWEET, as though his GOOD SIDE WAS BREAKING THROUGH HIS ~EVIL~ SIDE OMG. I love shit like that. Then all of a sudden he got.. shot? wat. But that is just a-typical of Kame, getting shot and all. During his own solo.

After I’d died a little inside, I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the rest of the concert. In the songs where Jin’s vocals were almost essential, they carried it so well. Real Face wasn’t a two man job anymore and even Kame didn’t sing his own parts, they were all divided. It was quite touching.

This has been an absolutely faux-review and was basically an excuse for me to indulge in some serious fangirling, so have a video of them singing RIGHT NOW complete with epilepsy-inducing lights, beautiful men and catastrophic outfits:

I will say for KAT-TUN though and most JE groups, even if you aren’t a fan they do know how to put on a damn good show. Especially their Dome tours.

So go out and watch one!

Tyvm xxxx


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