Kiss et Music (Slight Return)

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It’s been a long, long time!

Two years, right? But over six years since the start of this blog… good gracious. I’ve abandoned this blog a lot, and I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean it, life just happened. However, some things in life have made me want to return to writing. Writing for the pleasure, writing for the discipline, writing for the immersion. I love it all. Some pretty neat things have happened since my last post, like graduating university and moving to Tokyo (do I get my Full Weeb badge now?).

My life has been a surprisingly bumpy little road, I’m very pleased to say Asian pop music has remained the one constant, although my mother probably wouldn’t. And I’m equally pleased to say that in between the bumps, there have been moments of true joy and togetherness, and as it stands I always feel very blessed to be here.

Without getting too sentimental – though that is what I do – moving to a new country where you don’t know anyone and everything is new and scary has taught me the importance of sharing. I was lucky enough, earlier this year, to meet some people I had met online through our mutual love of a wonderful girl group called Especia. Especia really reignited my love for J-pop, but more on that later. The group are currently going through what I can only describe politely as monumental upheaval, their future may be secure or uncertain, nobody really knows for sure.

What I do know for sure though is that experiencing firsthand the effort and kindness of a really dedicated group of fans made me (and still makes me!) so happy. I forgot how wonderful it is to share with others the things that you love, and that is why I have decided to return to writing some bits here and there about the music that I want to shout about. I find it really enjoyable to pick apart albums and songs and artists, god knows why, so I guess that’s what I’m going to keep on doing. In the past couple of years I’ve delved into all sorts of unknowns, so let’s discover together!

~ Ellise.


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