Welcome to the third reincarnation of this blog.
Call me Ellise.

Kiss et Music is named for the Perfume song “Kiss and Music”, which was my favourite song from their Triangle album when it was released. Actually, that’s not true – but I thought it’d be a bit clumsy to name a blog “Edge – Triangle Mix”.
This is primarily a review blog, and on occasion there will be a few posts on lists of things I like and dislike (in the Asian pop sphere) and perhaps the odd post on recent purchases etc, single overviews.

I deleted some posts from the past, but I couldn’t bring myself to start this blog completely afresh. Yes, even some of the most pointless and embarrassing posts will remain to serve as a reminder of how far (hopefully!) I’ve come.

I really, really love music. I’ve been a fan of Asian pop for pretty much half of my life now. I also really, really love writing. But when it comes to writing factual things, I always need to be comfortable to a degree that I know what I’m talking about, and Asian pop is one of those things. It’s easy to talk and discuss and grapple critically with things that you love, and ultimately I love sharing what I enjoy with people.

Another thing I love about reviewing music is that it takes me back to when I was younger and would spend hours in my room playing my favourite CDs back to back. Now I’m older and have responsibilities and commitments, it can be difficult to really “connect” with an album or new music. So reviewing gives me the chance to sit down and listen to and digest an album fully, something of a rarity in my life today.

If you want to exchange links or anything, please let me know! Likewise if there’s anything that you think I should take a look at or would like for reviewing – or just requests in general – please feel free!


8 thoughts on “About

    1. Oh wow this is so sweet! I don’t think I even know 11 blogs with less than 200 followers! I’m such a closeted little blogger haha. Thank you very much <3 I really love your blog, the way it's organised and everything. It's so neat and you have such a great accessible style :)

      1. Thanks for the compliments :-)
        It’s not like the rules are set in stone. You can modify as you want, I’ve already seen 3 different versions, so if you feel like it just change stuff haha.
        Alternatively, just keep writing what you want!

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